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Quick coupler Wago 2273-204 4x2,5mm 1pc

Quick coupler Wago 2273-204 4x2,5mm 1pc

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WAGO 2273 204 4x2.5mm COMPACT


Connector for wires, for wire, 1 pc

Quick coupler Wago 2273-204 4x2,5 cube


Quick couplers are used to connect wire cables in electrical installations, both flush-mounted and surface-mounted.

Thanks to the reliable Push Wire assembly system, connecting wires is extremely fast and professional.

Quick coupler Wago 2273-204 4x2,5 cube


  • conductor cross-section range: 0.5 ... 2.5 mm2,
  • for installation boxes,
  • 4-wire,
  • housing color: transparent,
  • cover color: red,
  • ambient temperature max. 60 ° C,
  • the ability to freely connect cables with different cross-sections,
  • for copper or aluminum wires
Quick coupler Wago 2273-204 4x2,5 cube


  • Rated parameters according to IEC / EN 60664-1
  • Rated parameters according to IEC / EN 60998
  • Rated voltage (II / 2) 450V
  • Rated impulse voltage (II / 2) 4 kV
  • Rated current 24A
  • Total number of terminals: 4
  • Number of potentials: 1
  • Flammability class according to UL 94 V2
  • Fire load 0.022 MJ
  • Weight 1.3 g


  • 18 mm wide
  • Height 5.8 mm
  • Depth 16.7 mm


Strip the single-wire conductor to the length that corresponds to the dimension printed on the connector:

Wago assembly

Place the wires in the connectors so that the wire reaches the end of the duct and the insulation fills the entire space of the visor located on the unprinted side of the connector. The middle wire shows incorrect installation:

Wago how to mount the cube connector

Disconnecting the cable: grasp the coupler firmly and pull the cable to be disassembled alternately to the left and right from the coupler:

Wago how to disassemble the ankle connector


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